The primary goal of SOTIROPOULOS TECHNIKI P.C. is to provide qualified products of high scientific & technical applications, so as its write an essay for me write my paper for me projects meet the customers’ requirements & be useful & safe for the final user.

In order to ensure the implementation of the above Quality & Health & Safety Policy by the employees, the Company implemented & maintains a Quality Management System & Health & Safety Management System, which include all of the company’s functions in accordance with the International Standards EN ISO 9001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007/ELOT 1801:2008.

Through this systems the Company has committed towards its customers for the following:

  • Carry out anything stated that can be carried out.
  • Behave with honesty, consistency & respect to its customers.
  • Provide value to its customers, through the level of the products offered.
  • Focus its attention to its customers, directly addressing their complaints, but also anticipating their desires & demands.
  • Invest in the education & improvement of human resources.
  • Encourage & stimulate the creativity of its employees.
  • Constantly improve the quality of the projects with the active participation of its employees.
  • Constantly improve the efficiency of its operation by making better use of its resources.
  • Update its organization to respond to environmental changes.
  • Improve its performance by penetrating into new abroad & domestic markets.
  • Follow & use standard control & certification processes for its products.
  • Invest in new technologies.


The Company’s policy in Health & Safety of employees is intended to:

  • Implementation of Greek legislation on Health & Safety at Work.
  • Protection of the health & safety of company employees as well as third parties e.g. visitors, consultants, passers etc.
  • Identification of risks to develop ergonomic procedures to eliminate or minimize them.
  • Performing the work to the desired quality level without accidents, injuries or disasters to equipment & facilities.
  • Systematic training of company employees in Health & Safety at work issues.
  • Clear reference & ensure understanding of all employees’ responsibilities related to safety issues.
  • Creation of incentives for each employee to reduce or even eliminate unsafe acts & conditions, thereby contributing to a safe working environment.
  • Attempt to secure financial resources for the continuous development of new technologies, systems & forms of occupational risk control.

On this basis each employee of the company commits by making use of the education provided & the means at his disposal to implement the Procedures of the Management System & contribute to its constant improvement.

The Quality – Health & Safety Policy applies write an essay for me write my paper for me in all projects stages & service provision & it’s reviewed when necessary.

Finally, it is considered necessary to emphasize that the company complies with National & Community Legislation.

The General Director of SOTIROPOULOS TECHNIKI P.C. supports & monitors the effective implementation of the Management System & signs the present Policy.


Company Certifications

ISO 9001:2015


OHSAS 18001:2007

Company certification can also be found in the customers’ register of the qualification body